Brooklyn Bound


Super. Exciting. News. I will be spending November 2013-January 2014 in Brooklyn, NY!  LOVE IT! But whyyyyy….?

1. Why not?!

2. My life guru, Katie LaPlant, hooked me up with an opportunity to live there(because she knows I’m riddled with wanderlust) in a delightful brownstone for FREE in exchange for twelve hours of personal assistant work for a retired film photographer. Ridiculous, I know!

3. I’ll be shooting lots of film, working on my next two books, collaborating with my favorite street photographer, Markus Hartel, and pursuing my frame line as well as putting the final touches on my phone app. AKA, look out NYC!

I can’t wait to be back in the invigorating city that is New York.  This opportunity feels right.  And maybe it will lead to this whole ‘starving artist’ thing becoming a little less starving. #dreambig #imhungryoften

                                                   Film photographs of NYC I created May 2012

                                                   Film photographs of NYC I created May 2012