Call for Mornings

I know I have already written about the morning selfie series I started after being inspired by Ashlee’s series. It was awesome. And then, as expected, my attention span ran out after twenty mornings. Yikes. I started feeling like there was a greater significance to such a series that wasn’t being achieved by my daily instagram feed. So! I am going to explore that.

I am seeking your help, women of Minneapolis. I want to create a book of portraits; Minneapolis women, in the morning. This is a full film project. No digital editing or filters. I will shoot with my lovely Flexaret, 120 film…most likely in black and white. This is not a boudoir series. The purpose of this book is to emphasize that women are beautiful—in ALL facets of the word.  And sometimes we need to be reminded of that, even when we don’t feel it or don’t use the make-up to prove it. A portion of the [hopefully] profits made from this book will be donated to the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and BWLAP.  Women deserve to feel strengthened by their individual beauty, not put down for it.

If you or someone you know would like to sit for a 30 minute morning session for this project, please email me! I am looking for women in all walks of life, who live in Minneapolis and are 21+. No make-up, no Aqua Net. I would like to have all portraits done by October 1st. If being photographed is not something you are interested in but would like to support the project/book anyway, donations can be made HERE