Elle and I are old friends; we grew up neighbors, just a trampoline hop away from each other. It’s quite fantastic that after many years of sporadically seeing each other, we now find ourselves at very similar points in our lives. I’m not even sure I can do her justice with words but Elle is a remarkable woman. She is an Olympic trained, world renown athlete. Elle is a creator, innovator, and an inspiration. She is intelligent, beautiful, intuitive, and soulful.  In short, this lady gets it.

Elle is following her dreams, building her personal legacy and asked me to jump on board to help create some images for her website that will be launching early 2014. SIGN ME UP! We had such a great morning talking about dreams, spirit, love, wellness, you name it. Did I mention it was cold out?  Oh yeah, it was freezing :) Here is a quick preview of our morning!

Keep Creating,