March Madness

Well, hello 2014!

Apparently, March is nearly over and I have not posted one thing on my blog since December 2013–this simply will not do! The worst part is, I have no excuse. 2014 has been an incredibly exciting and passionate year so far! I will fill you in on some of the highlights and I vow to you and my organized interns that I will stay on top of the posting party.

Interns?! Oh yes, I have hired three interns for this spring and summer.  Two are jumping in head first on projects right away and I have another lovely intern starting with me this summer. Introductions of those wonderful humans in the coming weeks.  I am thrilled to have them join the team and help me propel all of my projects into absolute awesomeness!

Optic Owl: That one time, I became an inventor, patented some camera lenses, and made a phone app version of them for the education of the ophthalmic and artistic communities. Yeah, that. Stay tuned!

MPCKids: I became the Development Coordinator for a wonderful organization, MPLS Photo Center Kids (MPCKids)! I get to work alongside my hero and #dreamteam partner, Sydnee Bickett! We are moving into a new space, building a new website, and launching a new campaign for support. I am thrilled to be creating a strong foundation for fundraising and growth so that kids can learn about photography.  I mean, is there anything better?! Doubt it.

MPLS Creates: A new project that I am producing with the brilliantJennifer Sandquist. It is our goal for May 2014 to launch a website that encourages and promotes the emerging and established creatives of Minneapolis. MPLS Creates will be a platform for resources and mentorship by presenting a behind-the-scenes look at local creatives through interviews and various visuals. #thingsiamveryveryveryexcitedabout

Grad School: I started school again in January!  I am finishing my Arts and Cultural Management Masters degree through Saint Mary’s University that I originally started through Drexel University in Philadelphia, wayyy back in the day. I love it. It is great to be back in the classroom and very rewarding to know that all of my experience in the field over the years has not been for nothing. Everything makes sense now!

Website: I’M A DOT COM AGAIN! Hurray for this! So long, .org! Beyond that, the site is constantly changing and being rearranged.  If you browse around, you will notice some streamlining and eventual updating of current photos and series’.  ALSO, some new photographs of my freckled mug by the always beautiful and talented, Erin Kirby.  She offered to help me get into the new year with a fresh look and updated images for the site and all of the social media shenanigans.  Being that I am normally behind the camera and not in front of it, Kirby had her work cut out for her. I can be one awkward lady but she made the entire day so fun and comfortable.  Below are a few from our day. I LOVE THEM ALL!!

Keep Creating,