NYC on the Brain

Street photography RULES. I’ve been so attracted to and fascinated by this genre ever since I can remember but I don’t have much of a portfolio built beyond the market scene and miscellaneous iPhone captures. When I was out in New York this May for a group art show, I took a walking tour with the talented street photographer, Markus Hartel.  I know I have said this before but I will say it again…his photography is amazing! So captivating.

Taking a walking photography tour with him was the best thing that I have ever done. I may have been late to our meeting due to train construction from Brooklyn(what’s new?) and my brain was coffee-less so I was sporting my best Daria face BUT I was so happy.  All I kept thinking to myself was, THIS IS WHAT I’M SUPPOSE TO DO. There is no better place to create street photography than New York and Hartel amplified my understanding of this.  Patterns, colors, lighting, framing, shadows, relationships, reflections.  I thought I was a walking view finder before….now it is out of control.

So. My bus(yes, bus) ticket is officially booked for my winter in Brooklyn and I can’t wait to capture every invigorating second! Other than Thanksgiving(which I will be spending in Maine with my sister!) I will be in NYC for three big holidays: Halloween, Christmas and New Years. There will definitely to be a lot to capture surrounding those occasions. Exciting!

[Below are a few of the film images I created with my trusty AE-1 during my May visit to NYC, including a handful from my tour with Hartel. Click on images to enlarge.]