Until Next Time, NYC

Without hesitation, I know that if there is one city I was made for, it is New York City. It fulfills my creative and nomadic tendencies every time I walk out the door. The last couple of months have been an extraordinary experience both in photography and personal growth. I haven’t even left yet and I already miss it. Alas, I find myself heading back to Minneapolis for a new round of opportunity. I am going to be opening an art gallery and performance space as well as finishing my Masters in Arts Administration.  And if there is one thing that I now know for certain(and possibly the most valuable thing I have come to realize in this life) it is that if I made every decision based off of fear that I might change my mind later, I would have traveled no where, experienced nothing and loved no one. So, I am taking another leap and I’m looking forward to everything that may bring! I will be back to this spectacular city soon. Until next time, NYC! #iloveny