Summer Interns Rule!

The KP Creates + MPLS Creates team keeps growing and it is all very exciting! Two talented ladies have joined the dream team for the summer and I'd like to introduce them to you!

Suz Lundeen


Suz was born and raised in MPLS. She is currently a senior at Providence College in Rhode Island, majoring in Marketing. She is a member of the Providence College Women's Ice Hockey Team and also has a passion for fashion and cosmetology. This mix of her interests produce unique and varied experiences. In addition to training for hockey and going to the cabin with the family while she is home from school this summer, Suz is extremely excited to discover and promote the creatives in the great city she grew up in!

Trulsen Picture for KP Creates.jpg


Kayla grew up in the Twin Cities and is currently a student at North Central University in Minneapolis, majoring in Communication Arts with a focus on Media Communications. She has been taking courses in photography, video production, audio engineering and communication theory. Kayla has enjoyed learning about current media and how it can be used positively and effectively.  She’s a photographer by hobby, for now. She really likes the idea of capturing moments that often go unnoticed, and she loves photographing landscapes and wildlife. Her favorite place is the North Shore (Lake Superior), and her favorite TV shows are all from the 1960s, 70s and 80s.


YAY!! These ladies RULE!

Keep Creating,