Moving Towards Minimalism

I am a child of garage sales, thrift stores, and hand-me-downs. The best way to grow up, to be certain; however, it means I have acquired quite a lot of things over the course of my short life because I am a sucker for a good sale. During a walk-about with my good friend, Matthew, we got to chatting about this subject and de-cluttering our lives: physically, mentally, and emotionally. He introduced me to the website:

It has really resonated with me. PLUS, I am moving this weekend, which presents the perfect opportunity for me to try one of their exercises, 21-Day Journey Into Minimalism. It involves packing up my life, everything in my studio apt, and moving it into my new location (a shared two-bedroom condo).  Then, over the course of the next 21 days, I am only to unpack what I need, when I need it. This goes for everything! From my toothbrush, clothes, art on the wall, to books, electronics, coffee mugs, and jewelry.  Then, after 21-days, whatever is still packed up will be donated or sold. YES. Even though I had already donated quite a bit by the time I read this article, I decided to carry out the exercise with what I had left.

I'm sure settling into a new place with boxes staring at me for that amount of time will be frustrating. But it can't be any more frustrating than getting to this point, when I am tearing apart my place in search of one damn power cord:


Real life. As someone with a creative brain, who is always moving 100 mph, working on 1,000 projects at a time, a new method of organization and general brain-space will be thoroughly welcomed. I look forward to having a space that is conducive to creating again, at any given moment. Will you join me?

Keep Creating,